FilmLA Report Reveals Strong Demand for LA Area Sound Stages & Backlots

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FilmLA 2020 Sound Stage Production Report 2020

High Occupancy, Utilization Rates See Increased Interest in Local Development Today, FilmLA issued its fourth Sound Stage Production Report, updating for the year 2020 the ongoing study of occupancy and utilization of certified sound stages in Greater Los Angeles. The time period covered by this update, marked by an unprecedented global filming shut down due to COVID-19, lends special significance … Read More

Five Mistakes to Avoid for First-time Permit Applicants

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Five Mistakes to Avoid for First Time Permit Applicants - FilmLA

FilmLA is proud to serve the Greater Los Angeles film community. As part of the support we provide, we aim to make the permit process as straightforward as possible. With that goal in mind, here are the top five mistakes made by first-time film permit applicants, and how you can avoid them on your next shoot. (1) Missing Permit Application … Read More

UPDATE:  MyFilmLA System Update Schedule Extended 

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Production Alert FilmLA

Updated: March 9th @5:20pm For the weekend of March 12th to March 13th, MyFilmLA will be unavailable beginning at noon on Saturday 3/12 through approximately 6 p.m. on Sunday, 3/13.  Permit applicants who anticipate filming from March 12th through March 14th should take delivery of finalized permits on Friday March 11th, if possible.  A recent FilmLA Production Alert announced a … Read More

LA City Park Film Office Application Deadline Restored

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Production Alert FilmLA

The City of Los Angeles Park Film Office (PFO) has informed FilmLA that it is resuming its standard processing schedule for property reservations and permits for filming, effective today. PFO’s temporary five-day processing window, in effect since January 12, 2022, is hereby withdrawn. Moving forward, film permits and reservations can again be obtained three full business days prior to the … Read More

PRODUCTION ALERT: Permit Application Deadline Change 

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Production Alert FilmLA

With the support of permit approvers in the City and County of Los Angeles, FilmLA is modifying permit application timeframes to reliably meet the contractual three business day minimum for application review and processing.  Beginning on March 7, 2022, FilmLA will require that all permit applications requiring immediate processing be submitted in MyFilmLA  not later than 10 a.m., three business days prior to the … Read More