FilmL.A. “Teaming” With Industry Knowledge

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Yulizza Ramirez, FilmL.A. Production CoordinatorAs a result of the efficiencies made possible by the advent of our Online Permit System (OPS), our production coordinators have been freed up to conduct periodic set visits of on-location shoots.  A new pilot program is being devised to provide our coordinators with even more exposure to the filmmaking process.
Under the existing set visit program, one coordinator per day is assigned to visit film sets to meet our customers and better understand how filming activities affect neighborhoods.  A limitation of this program is that our coordinators visit sets once production has already begun and are not exposed to the creative decision making that occurs before a film permit application shows up on their OPS dashboard. 
In September, FilmL.A. Production Coordinator Yulizza Ramirez will accompany Location Manager Veronique Vowell and the CBS Cold Case location department as they prep for a new episode of the series.
Yulizza will be present for prep, including initial scouting, the production meeting and the tech scout.  She will also be on hand for the first day of on-location filming. 
Based upon Yulizza’s experiences, FilmL.A. plans to design a partnership program that will pair production companies and our coordinators to broaden our industry knowledge.
“We expect this program to be extremely beneficial,” said FilmL.A. Vice President of Operations Donna Washington.  “The greater our exposure to all aspects of the filmmaking process, the greater the benefit for our coordinators, our customers and the communities hosting filming.”

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