Knowledgeable Decision Makers: A Special Effect of FilmL.A.

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A still shot from one of our Special Effects Demonstration videos.Do you confuse Squib with a seafood dish?  Do you think Flame Bar is Hollywood’s hottest club?  Do you think Primacord is the latest eco-vehicle or that a Half Load means you shouldn’t run the dishwasher?  You may not be alone… but rest assured, FilmL.A. is here to help.  The above terms refer to film industry special effects, and these are commonly found on film permits coordinated by FilmL.A.

In order to help educate Los Angeles City and County employees who make decisions about the use of special effects on film shoots in neighborhoods throughout the region, FilmL.A. hosted a Special FX Demonstration in December.

Attendees were treated to the sights and sounds of atmospheric fog, gunfire with various powder charges, squib hits, a simulated ground explosion and a large fireball, among others.

Though they are impressive live, effects are usually enhanced to appear louder and more percussive on the small or big screen.

“The goal was to demonstrate that special effects used in film production are highly controlled and can be accomplished safely in neighborhoods,” said FilmL.A. Vice President Todd Lindgren.

FilmL.A. thanks Tassilo Baur of the Association of Special Effects & Pyrotechnics Operators (ASEPO), Deputy CA State Fire Marshal Al Adams, the CA State Parks Film Office and the CA Film Commission for their assistance.

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