FilmLA to Update its Insurance Guidelines, May 15th

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FilmLA has updated our insurance requirements affecting wording on Certificates of Insurance (COI) for production activity. These updates are in accordance with current insurance industry standards. Requirements, which go into effect on May 15th, 2019, are outlined in below: FilmLA will no longer accept a “Blanket Endorsement” or “blanket” wording as acceptable. It is now necessary to name “FilmLA and … Read More

Avoiding Insurance Related Permit Delays

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FilmL.A. has been known to turn around film permit applications in as few as two business days.  Three days is fairly standard, and many factors could add additional time, but did you know the number one reason for delays in permit processing is lack of required liability insurance? Obtaining liability insurance sufficient to meet local requirements is an integral part … Read More

Behind the Scenes: FilmL.A.’s Permit Administration Department

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The process of creating content for film, television or the web can be a long one, even before you move onto location selection and securing permits.  When obtaining a permit is your next step, FilmL.A.’s Permit Administration Department stands ready to lend a hand. FilmL.A.’s Permit Administration group is often the first point of contact for filmmakers and community members … Read More

State Agents Find Some Companies Give Filmmakers False Sense of Security

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Are the security guards present on your set qualified and legally permitted to do the work you’ve hired them to do? If arranging on-location set security is one of your job responsibilities, you owe it to yourself and your production to make sure the private security companies you hire meet all state requirements applicable to private Licensed Patrol Operators (LPOs) … Read More