Dearth of Local TV Production Delivers Double-Digit Letdowns for L.A.

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Last week, FilmL.A. released its first quarter film production report for 2012. Unfortunately, the news was anything but rosy for those who work in on-location television production in Los Angeles. Overall filming across all categories slipped 2.1 percent last quarter compared to the same period last year, as measured in permitted production days (PPD). FilmL.A. recorded 11,360 PPD for Q1 … Read More

Pair of Television Pilot Reports Reveal Impacts From State Film Incentives

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Earlier this week, FilmL.A. released its fourth report from its six-year study of television pilot production.  The report presented a mixed bag of findings: Out of those 169 [pilot] projects, a total of 87 television pilots were produced in the Los Angeles region. By one measure, this is second-largest annual take in Los Angeles history, totaling eleven projects more than … Read More

FilmL.A. Releases 2011 Television Pilot Production Report

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Today FilmL.A. released the fourth installment of its Television Pilot Production Report.  The 2011 report caps six years of ongoing research into television pilot production and  provides the most encompassing available look at TV pilot production by location and pilot production’s impact on the Los Angeles region’s economy. Those with an interest in reading the full report can access it … Read More

In Case You Missed It… FilmL.A. On-Location Production Reports

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Perhaps you’ve seen one of several recent news stories claiming filming or television pilot production is up or down in Los Angeles… Such headlines can be confusing without some history to give them context, so in case you missed our announcement last month, you might want to check out our recently published On-Location Production Report for 2011. The most recent … Read More

FilmL.A. Updates Ongoing Television Pilot Production Report

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By many anecdotal accounts, 2010 seemed like a decent year for television pilot production in Los Angeles.  But what did the actual numbers say?  For that, you’ll have to read on. A year after FilmL.A. published its 2005-2009 Television Pilot Production Report, we issued our 2010 Pilot Production Update analyzing the 2009/2010 development cycle. Of the 129 total projects FilmL.A. … Read More