Upcoming Adjustments to Permit Fee Schedule

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LA Harbor Fleet Week Production Alert

Updated 7.15.22 @ 2:00 p.m.

Please be advised that FilmLA and some of the jurisdictions we serve will implement revised fee schedules for new film permit applications received on or after July 1, 2022, and for filming taking place on or after that date.  Like all prior fee increases applied by FilmLA, the latest adjustments are linked to changes in the Consumer Price Index.  The new schedule of fees appears below.

Please note that this list covers only the types of fees most commonly applied to film permits, and not all of these fees apply in all circumstances.  If a jurisdiction served by FilmLA is not included on this partial list, it is because no planned fee updates have been communicated to FilmLA as of this time.

FilmLA strives to keep fees reasonable at levels necessary to meet the service expectations of our film industry and municipal clients. After this adjustment, FilmLA permits will continue to be priced competitively, in comparison with regional alternatives.

Should we learn of any other fee increases planned by our municipal partners, FilmLA will update the text of this Production Alert.

For help understanding fees for film permits and whether and how they apply to your upcoming production, we invite you to call our Solution Services team at 213.977.8600 or email info@filmla.com.

FilmLA Fee Adjustments

Increase is based on 8.5% rise in CPI

NEW RATE 7/1/2022PER
Permit Application Fee
Up to 10 Locations
Permit Rider Fee
Non-Profit Permit Application Fee$69.00Adjustment
Non-Profit Permit Rider Fee$34.00Adjustment
FilmLA Monitor Fee
Minimum Applies
Still Photo Application Fee
Cast/Crew of 15+ requires Motion rate.
Still Photo Rider Fee$28.00Rider
Student Permit Fee
Complex Permissions
Student Permit Fee
Simple Permissions
Notification Fee
Base Radius

LA County Department of Public Works

Increase is based on 8.5% rise in CPI

NEW RATE 7/1/2022PER
Permit Issuance Fee
Flood Control
Use Fee
Flood Control
$1,061.00 Day
Road Inspection Fee
County Roads
Encroachment Permit
County Roads
$347.00 Permit
Highway Permit
County Roads
$191.00 Permit

City of Los Angeles Fire Department

NEW RATE 7/21/2022PER
Uniformed Fire Safety Officer
$120.00Hour (4 hour minimum)

City of Diamond Bar

NEW RATE 7/1/2022PER
Film Permit Application Fee $529.02 Application
Film Permit Daily Fee $608.06 Day