Student Filmmakers

Below are 7 steps developed specifically tailored for student filmmakers.

  • Production Planning

    Unsure where to start? Consult FilmLA’s Production Planning Department for guidance. They can be reached by calling the main office line or by email at


    Obtain your Student Certification Letter from an authorized official at your institution. This original document must be printed on the school’s letterhead and must contain a wet signature to be accepted.

  • Book an appointment

    If it is your first time applying for a permit, we highly recommend that you call our office to set up an appointment with a Student Permit Coordinator to discuss the specific needs for your project. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we will temporarily NOT be taking in-person appointments. Please proceed to the next step.


    Register for a MyFilmLA account to submit an application electronically. Most permits require a minimum of three business days to process. Additional processing time is required for exceptional activity and varies by jurisdiction. Apply early!

  • Conduct Community Outreach

    Be prepared to distribute filming notices and / or circulate a community survey as a condition of permit release. Ask your FilmLA Permit Coordinator for details.

  • Maintain Active Communication

    Be mindful of follow-up items required to process your permit. Be responsive when contacted by your Student Permit Coordinator. Be prepared for updates and requests for additional information as we work on your request.

  • Billing and Permit Finalization

    Acceptable payment options for student permits are credit cards ONLY. The Student Certification Letter and valid school ID must be submitted by the student(s) named on the letter to receive the permit. Once payment and all necessary documents have been processed, you will receive your permit.

Student Resources