Filming Surveys

Community Filming Surveys are one of the community relations programs overseen by FilmLA to promote positive filming experiences for all.

Unlike other community relations programs, Community Filming Surveys are not performed by FilmLA personnel. When FilmLA determines that a survey must be performed, responsibility for going door-to-door to share filming plans and understand neighborhood concerns is handled directly by filmmaker representatives. Satisfactory completion of a Filming Survey, and a permit seeker’s reasonable attempt to address any concerns thereby uncovered, are required for permit release.

Each Filming Survey includes information about upcoming filming activity, including dates and hours of filming, area parking impacts, and other exceptional activities. Survey forms also contain contact information for FilmLA and the Production Company, to facilitate the resolution before filming begins.

Importantly, the Filming Survey is not a request for permission to film. These surveys are purely an information gathering tool, which FilmLA uses to gauge neighborhood concerns. Not all filming activity requires a filming survey; and for those shoots that do, community participation is strictly voluntary.

Please see our FAQ below for answers to common questions about Community Filming Surveys.

Guidelines and Forms

All Community Survey Forms need to be emailed for review and approval directly to Please ensure your packets for review are emailed by 4PM on Fridays for canvassing on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

  •  If the location is already assigned to a Coordinator, you must copy the coordinator on the email.
  • Applications that are "waiting for assignment" can proactively send surveys to for review.
  • Completed Survey packets must be sent to  and your assigned coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions About Filming Surveys