Technology Innovation for a Streamlined Permit Process

In late 2021, FilmLA unveiled MyFilmLA – our next-generation online permit system – for complete film permit management. Today, every step of the permit process, from application intake to government approval and release, can be handled in MyFilmLA.

Register for a MyFilmLA account today, and experience a system designed from the ground up to make film permits easier than ever to obtain.


MyFilmLA is all new! Some of the features of the new technology include:

  • Streamlined Permit Release

    The rapid release of Location Authorizations (LAs) as they are approved is built into FilmLA’s updated workflow. FilmLA customers can apply for up to five locations on one application and can now expect to receive multiple Location Authorizations — each the equivalent of a separate legally valid film permit — as soon as all requirements related to that LA are met.

  • GIS Location Intelligence

    FilmLA’s technology investment improves access to information by FilmLA's Solution Services, Permit Operations, and Community Relations teams. This feature enables FilmLA staff to provide better customer service and counsel to film industry customers. It also allows filming locations, basecamp locations, and crew parking locations to be mapped for better conflict avoidance.

  • Automated Invoice Generation

    Customers have the ability to view and download invoices that have been paid or are pending payment through a dedicated payment portal. Any payment, including your FilmLA Permit Application Fee due up front, and estimated fees assessed later, can be processed and applied to your account in real time.

  • Easy Document Uploads

    The ability to upload and attach required documents to current and future applications means fewer emails to send and keep track of. Insurance paperwork, barricade plans, Community Filming Survey forms – attach these and more to your permit application for safekeeping and quick review.

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