L.A. Television Production Numbers Up; Continuing Second Quarter Run

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FilmL.A. — the official film office of the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles and other area jurisdictions — today updated its regional on-location filming report.
The report revealed a repeat of the growth trend from Q2 in the Television production category. Regional on-location Television production increased 31.1 percent in Q3 over the prior year, totaling 5,363 PPD* for 2014.
Nearly all TV subcategories posted increases in the third quarter. TV Dramas saw an increase of 43.2 percent with 1,408 PPD, TV Reality rose 49.2 percent to 2,019 PPD, Web-Based TV went up 12.3 percent to 401 PPD, and TV Pilot production rose 40.8 percent to 138 PPD. TV Sitcoms, which make up a small portion of Television filming days, declined 29.0 percent for the quarter to 367 PPD.
California’s current film incentive contributed to the local TV Drama numbers. Last quarter, state-qualified Television projects in L.A. included Rizzoli & Isles, Pretty Little Liars, Major Crimes, Perception and Legends.
Regional on-location Feature production dropped 4.0 percent in 2014 compared to the same quarter last year with 1,881 PPD. In the third quarter, incentivized projects contributed 157 PPD and accounted for 8.3 percent of Feature activity. State-qualified Feature projects included Straight Outta Compton, Never Leave, Scouts vs Zombies, Into The Further and The Perfect Guy.
“While we are still trying to reclaim our share of television production, we’re encouraged by dramatic television producers’ interest in filming in Los Angeles,” said FilmL.A. President Paul Audley. “With the new tax credit taking effect next July, we see strong potential for growth in local TV work ahead.”

* On-location production figures are based on days of permitted production within the jurisdictions served by FilmL.A. One permitted production day (PPD) is defined as a single crew’s permission to film a single project at a single defined location during any given 24-hour period. This data does not include production that occurs on certified sound stages or on-location in jurisdictions not served by FilmL.A. For context, production growth in any tracked category is measured against the same period in the prior year and that category’s five-year rolling average.