LA City Fire Updates its “Spot Check” Form

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The Los Angeles City Fire Department has notified FilmL.A. of an update to its Film Location Fire Safety Inspection Checklist or ‘Spot Check’ form. The updated Fire Safety Inspection Checklist contains the following updates:

  • EDITABLE PDF: The new form is a 2-page, editable PDF. Data fields can be completed electronically from a desktop, notebook or mobile device.

NOTE: A hardcopy of the Spot Check form must be retained on site at all times (along with the valid film permit) and shown at the request of Fire Department personnel.

  • UPDATED / EXPANDED FORM: The new form reflects updated Fire Code regulations.
  • REORGANIZED: Information contained within the new form has been reorganized under proper title headings.
  • LINE ITEM SUMMARIES: Each line item begins with a keyword or phrase, in bold lettering, that summarizes the safety concern addressed
  • KEY ITEMS & DISTANCES: (e.g. types of fire extinguishers, distances from hazards, square footage, etc.): Various key items and distances have been colored in blue and bolded, to assist in quickly identifying distances from hazards, types of fire extinguishers, square footage, etc.

An updated copy of the Spot Check form is available on the FilmL.A. website and by clicking here.

For answers to general production related questions, please contact FilmL.A.’s Production Planning department at 213.977.8600.

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