LAFD Updates Hospital and Institution Forms and Processes

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The Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD) has updated its Hospital and Institution Form.  Updates include 3 new forms highlighting new protocols with regard to Schools & Churches, Special Action (Tent Permits) and Special Effects.

In addition, the LAFD Film Unit has updated the forms and the manner in which communications for requests are to be received which is now by EMAIL ONLY. Updates have been made to the following forms:

LAFD Film – Schools Churches Pre-Approval Questionnaire 

LAFD Film – SPFX Permit Request 

LAFD Film – Application for Specific Action or Project Permit

LAFD Film – Hospital Filming Location Evaluation Report 

Each of the updated forms can be downloaded from the FilmL.A. website or completed and returned electronically to the LAFD directly.

It is important to be aware the protocol for each form (with the exception of the LAFD FILM – HOSPITAL Filming Location Evaluation Report) MUST BE FOLLOWED BY THOSE SEEKING SPECIFIC REQUESTS.  To that end, please format your email subject lines according to the examples below:

  • LAFD FILM – SCHOOLS CHURCHES Pre-Approval Questionnaire – Subject line of the email shall be formatted as follows:

 PROTOCOL: School/Church [1ST Date of Activity’ [FilmLA#] [Street Address]

      ***EXAMPLE: John Muir High School 10/21/17 (FilmLA#F1234567) 200 N Main St*

  • LAFD FILM – SPFX Permit Request – Subject line of the email shall be formatted as follows:

  PROTOCOL:  SPFX [1ST Date of SPFX] – [Last Name, SFM License #]

***EXAMPLE: SPFX 10/21/15 (Morel 1234.56)*

  • LAFD FILM – APPLICATION for Special Action or Project PERMIT – Subject line of the email shall be formatted as follows:

PROTOCOL:[ITEM] [1ST Date of Activity] – [Street Address of Activity Location]

       ***EXAMPLE: TENT 10/21/15 – 200 N Main St* 

Following the established protocol allows the LAFD Film Unit to triage, prioritize and respond to the most urgent requests/applications first, which will help to ensure that productions receive timely responses.

For questions about this new procedure, please contact FilmL.A.’s Production Planning Team at 213-977-8600.