Major Construction in the City of Santa Monica

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FilmL.A. has been informed that two long-term construction projects will take place in the City of Santa Monica, the first is the Colorado Esplanade Project and the second is the California Incline Renovation Project. Please note that there will be a significant amount of traffic and noise in and around the affected areas. Permits for production related activity and/or parking in the affected areas will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. Construction areas are listed below:

COLORADO ESPLANADE PROJECT: The project began 3/6/15 and will continue for 12-14 months from the start date. The project is tied to the expansion of the Exposition Line and will create a more pedestrian-friendly zone, eliminating east-bound vehicular traffic.

  •  Buffer Zone: Broadway, Ocean Ave., Olympic Dr., 5th Street
  •  No permits will be granted on Colorado Ave., between Ocean Ave. and 5th Street
  •  No posting/closures allowed on Ocean Ave., 2nd Street, 4th Street or 5th Street between Colorado and Broadway.
  •  No posting/closures allowed on Ocean Ave., Main St., 4th St., or 5th St. between Colorado and Olympic.

CALIFORNIA INCLINE RENOVATION: The project begins 4/20/15 and will continue for 12-18 months from the start date. The project involves the demolition and reconstruction of the California Incline.

  •  Buffer Zone: Idaho Ave., Ocean Ave., Wilshire Bl., 2nd Street
  •  No posting, closures or ITC on Ocean Ave. between Washington Ave. and Wilshire Bl.

For more information about filming in the City of Santa Monica, or in any of the other jurisdictions served by FilmL.A., we invite you to contact FilmL.A.’s Production Planning Department.

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