Updated Process for Filming at LAUSD Schools

FilmLAProduction Alerts

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has updated its licensing procedures and Standard Terms and Conditions for filming and parking at LAUSD properties. The updated procedures and terms clarify and put into writing procedures already in use by FilmL.A. and LAUSD officials. With this adjustment, production related activities and parking have resumed as normal at LAUSD properties.
New Form: Synopsis & Activity Checklist
Filmmakers who wish to film or park vehicles at LAUSD properties are now required to submit a written Synopsis and Activity Checklist (SAC). SAC forms are available on the FilmL.A. website. The SAC must be submitted to FilmL.A. as a condition of license approval. The SAC describes, in detail, the proposed activity to take place on LAUSD property. It is used to facilitate the review of proposed filming against LAUSD criteria, as updated for consistency and outlined in section 13 of its Standard Terms and Conditions, which are also available for review on the FilmL.A. website.
Updated Requirement: On-Site Monitors
At its discretion, the Los Angeles Unified School District may appoint one or more LAUSD monitors to supervise on campus filming and parking activity. Monitor assignment will depend on hours of production, proposed activity, cast/crew size, potential for the facility to be damaged, and/or impacts on students, instruction or the surrounding community. If a monitor is assigned, FilmL.A. will provide applicants with a breakdown of estimated LAUSD fees. Monitor assignment is standard for music production (i.e. music videos), use of LAUSD property by a production company or director with little or no experience working at LAUSD facilities, or at sites where students and/or community use and filming are scheduled simultaneously.
Updated Requirement: Processing Time
As before, LAUSD will accept and consider requests received 72 hours before the first date of proposed filming activity or parking. Some proposed filming activities, as identified on license applications and on SAC forms, may require additional time for consideration and review by LAUSD officials.
Should you have questions regarding filming at LAUSD properties, FilmL.A.’s School Leasing Specialists are available to assist you. As always, if you have general production related questions please contact FilmL.A.’s Production Planning team at 213-977-8600.