Listing Your Home or Business for Filming in Greater Los Angeles

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Listing Your Home or Business for Filming in Greater Los Angeles

Can you picture your Los Angeles area home or business as the backdrop to a pivotal scene in a popular film or TV show? Do you ever find yourself imagining what you could do with the extra cash from leasing your property to a film production? As exciting as the idea of being a film host may be, you may … Read More

Notices of Filming – What They Mean for You

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Notices of Filming

If you live in Greater Los Angeles, there is a good chance you have spotted a blue FilmLA Notice of Filming at a residence or business. If you haven’t seen one yet, then you may soon. Having rebounded from the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, film production in Los Angeles is again active across our many diverse neighborhoods, creating … Read More

NBCUniversal & LA County Supervisor Barger to Host LAUNCH Talk on Career Opportunities in Production Accounting

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nbcu launch talks

NBCUniversal and LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger will host the “LAUNCH Talk: Inside the World of Production Accounting” webinar discussing entertainment industry career opportunities on Wednesday, October 19, at 12:30 pm PDT. The LAUNCH Talk will give participants a better understanding of a Production Accountant’s career path, a position currently in high demand in the entertainment industry. This growing field … Read More

Is This Legal or Illegal Filming? Three Things to Watch For 

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legal or illegal filming in los angeles

With so much filming taking place in Greater Los Angeles – more than 100 projects on any given day – it’s important that it take place legally, safely, and with respect for the neighborhoods where it happens. This is why every film permit coordinated by FilmLA goes through a rigorous, multi-agency government approval process. It is also why community outreach … Read More

Community Filming Surveys: An Overview

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filmla filming surveys

The Community Filming Survey (aka “filming survey,” or “community survey”) is an integral part of the permit coordination process . Even though dozens of these surveys are conducted each week, their purpose and the rules that govern them are sometimes a mystery to Angelenos. To speak directly to some of the misinformation out there, here is a short overview of … Read More