Summer Restrictions for Los Angeles County Beaches and Harbors

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Production Alert Beaches

With summer fast approaching, Southern California beaches are gearing up for the yearly migration of beachgoers flocking to our sand and surf. Also on the horizon are the annual Los Angeles County Beaches and Harbors Summer Restrictions for film production. The 2024 Summer season will span from Friday, May 24th to Tuesday, September 8th.  Please note the following limitations during … Read More

Filming During Spring Break at Public School Districts Partnered with FilmLA

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Production Alert FilmLA

The school districts that FilmLA partners with have informed us of their Spring Break Schedules for 2024. School facilities may still be available for filming and/or parking use during this time, however, requests must be discussed and coordinated with school site administrators prior to the applications being submitted to FilmLA for processing. With limited staffing during Spring Break, communication with … Read More

Film Permits vs. Event Permits: Clearing Up the Confusion

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Film or Event Permit for a concert

FilmLA previously published guidance for filmmakers on when film permits are required in Greater Los Angeles. Even though FilmLA does not process special event permit applications, a question is sometimes asked by event planners, community organizers, and concert promoters. The question is, “Do I need a special event permit?” You might! Determining what kind of permit(s) you need requires a … Read More

Streamlining School Site Access: A Talk with the MyFilmLA Project Team

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Streamlining Schools Site Access in MyFilmLA

Late last year, FilmLA introduced a major update to its MyFilmLA customer portal. For the first time, filmmakers gained the ability to apply for school filming licenses online. The old way of doing things, requiring work in separate systems to obtain a license and valid permit, created numerous challenges. Now that the two processes are integrated, and all permissions coordinated … Read More

DPW Introduces New Express Flood Film Scouting Permit

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Express Flood Film Scouting Permit Flyer

The flood control system that protects the residents of Los Angeles County is the largest municipally owned flood control system in the world, providing the backbone of flood control for the entire Los Angeles basin, the San Fernando, San Gabriel and Santa Clarita Valleys. The Los Angeles County Flood Control District controls and conserves flood, storms, and other wastewaters. The … Read More