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Production Alert: MyFilmLA Update for Schools

Beginning Monday, 11/13/23, FilmLA will integrate its school license application process into MyFilmLA. All requests to use school district properties for filming and production parking will now be processed entirely within the MyFilmLA customer portal.

Previously, applications to use schools for filming were handled outside of MyFilmLA in a process involving multiple back and forth emails, phone calls, and fillable PDF forms. 

With this change, the process of applying for a school use license is further streamlined, resulting in significant time savings for Location Professionals, permit service representatives, school district approvers and FilmLA staff.

License Application Intake

A request to use a school property for filming or parking always begins with direct contact between a Location Professional and an authorized school representative. Once use of a school is conditionally agreed to by these parties, the process of applying for a filming license and city/county film permit shifts to MyFilmLA.

Moving forward, a school use license will become a new type of Location Authorization (LA) that FilmLA customers can apply for, pay for, and download in MyFilmLA, alongside city/county permissions for filming, base camps, and parking.

When a new request to use school district property is entered into MyFilmLA, the system will recognize based on the address the need for both a valid film license and a valid film permit, and guide applicants through the steps to acquire all required permissions on one master document.

For school properties located in cities not served by FilmLA, only the license portion of the transaction will be handled in MyFilmLA. It is then up to the license applicant to obtain an appropriate city/county permit from the non-FilmLA jurisdiction.

Benefits of the Streamlined Process

  • Reduced Data Entry: Integrating the school license application process into MyFilmLA reduces the amount of data entry required of FilmLA customers. Since much of the information needed to process a school filming license is also needed to process a filming permit, having only one application to complete and everything stored in MyFilmLA keeps information accessible to all who need it.

    This is a particular advantage in the event of a change request, as updated information can be communicated instantly to all decision makers as soon as it is submitted by an applicant. 

  • Centralized Document Storage: Applicants can now upload their proof of insurance, scene synopsis, map of use, and other required documentation directly in MyFilmLA, where they can be viewed by FilmLA coordinators and district-level approvers. Later in the process, documents such as invoices and condition reports are also distributed and archived in-system.

  • Full Process Transparency: Applicants can now view their school license approval status in real time, as has already been possible for film permits. Any interruption in license application processing, whether due to a missing document, a missing digital signature, or an unpaid invoice, can be quickly and easily identified for a faster resolution.

This upgrade to MyFilmLA is a product of FilmLA’s mission investment – applying technology and staff expertise to streamline the on-location filming process. We appreciate your attention to this important update and are confident you will enjoy the results.

Questions about FilmLA’s new school license application process should be addressed to or to Permit Operations leadership. Help working with MyFilmLA generally is available through the Solution Services department at 213-977-8600.

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