New Location Mapping Feature Debuts in MyFilmLA

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In late October, FilmLA introduced a small but powerful upgrade to its next-generation permit coordination system, MyFilmLA. The sought-after update provides all permit applicants with a new production planning tool: the ability to check desired locations for conflict with other filming events, after submitting a permit application for review.

In a revised workflow, permit applicants can now use GIS mapping features to visualize nearby permitted filming activity on one's requested date and time.

“We're very excited to offer this new feature to our customers,” said MyFilmLA Product Manager Tara Kramer. “Now that any user can examine potential location conflicts on a map, they can adjust their plans as necessary and start in on that work much faster.”

MyFilmLA is superior to older, legacy systems in its ability to differentiate between filming, base camp, and crew parking locations. All of these different Location Authorization types, representing potential points of overlap with a new permit request, can now be visualized on the customer-accessible map.

Details about other area productions, such as contact information for the Locations team, can also be accessed by all applicants and their agents. The map remains available to applicants throughout the MyFilmLA workflow, as Location Authorizations are reviewed by government permit approvers.

“This is a major step forward in sharing FilmLA's insight into community filming use,” Kramer added. “Although MyFilmLA won’t provide a complete view of current neighborhood conditions – Production Planning is here to help with that – you can now see the same filming event conflicts FilmLA coordinators see at the earliest stage of permit review.”

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