LACCD Signs Pilot Partnership with FilmL.A.

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This month, FilmL.A. finalized a pilot partnership agreement with the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) to facilitate filming at four LACCD campuses and the downtown district office.

With a seventy-seven year history, LACCD is the largest community college district in the United States. FilmL.A. will coordinate filming at the LACCD’s downtown district office, Los Angeles Harbor College in the South Bay region of Los Angeles, Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles Valley College in the Valley Glen district of Los Angeles, and the Van de Kamp Innovation Center.  The partnership will make fresh new locations available to the film production community.

“The partnership between the Los Angeles Community College District and FilmL.A. symbolizes the unique efforts of the District to align its educational services with business and industry. LACCD colleges can offer many options as film shooting locations, while the entire District can offer greater access to college students seeking education-related internships,” observed Dr. Chito Cajayon, LACCD Vice Chancellor of Economic & Workforce Development.

A selection of photos of each campus location and the district office can be freely browsed online via FilmL.A.’s online location library, LocoScout ( and by clicking the links contained below:

For more information about filming at these LACCD properties, or at any public property owned by jurisdictions served by FilmL.A., we invite you to contact FilmL.A.’s Production Planning Department at 213.977.8600.

One Comment on “LACCD Signs Pilot Partnership with FilmL.A.”

  1. what is the status of LA City College regarding this initiative? i recently managed a shoot which was slated to film at LACC, then 3 days from filming (AFTER the tech scout) we were told by LACC VP that our filming request had been denied. this left us scrambling for a last minute location and an extremely unhappy production company. would be elated to have FilmLA’s resources and infrastructure to facilitate filming at this location.

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