Southwest Marine Will Officially Re-Open for Filming

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The Port of Los Angeles has informed FilmL.A. that Southwest Marine will officially re- open for filming. The official date is Monday, March 24th, 2014. However, due to scheduled environmental remediation obligations, the facility will close to filming on August 31st, 2014.
Southwest Marine is a ship-repair facility on Terminal Island in the Port of Los Angeles. It was once a popular filming location hosting projects like Steven Spielberg’s Lost World and Pamela Anderson’s Barbed Wire.
In Eraser, Southwest Marine played the docks at Baltimore Harbor for a spectacular denouement, which included a fight between James Caan and Arnold Schwarzenegger on top of a shipping container full of illegal weapons being loaded for shipment overseas. For this extended climactic scene, the unused compressor house explodes in a fiery blast.
For filming requirements and rates please see below.
For questions about locations and for answers to production related questions, please contact FilmL.A.’s Production Planning Team.

Port of Los Angeles Southwest Marine Filming Requirements

These production rules for Southwest Marine are in addition to the existing Port of Los Angeles Supplemental to all Harbor Approved Film Permits terms and conditions.

Production Rules:
  1. Scouting: appointments must be made 24hrs in advance through the Wharfinger’s office. Wharfinger staff is required when scouting Southwest Marine.
  2. Port Police Officer (s) will be required for all prep, film, strike, and still photos. The rate for a Port Police Officer is $112 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. There is no double or triple time, the rate stays consistently at $112 per hour. Cancellation of Port Police must be given 48hrs in advance to avoid penalties.
  3.  Use of Southwest Marine in “AS-IS” condition.
  4. No use of any cranes on premises.
  5. There is no water and no power at Southwest Marine. Production companies must provide their own water and power.
  6. Use of pyrotechnics, controlled flames, and smoke must be approved in advance through the Wharfinger’s office.
  7. Production companies must provide their own restrooms.
  8. Production companies must provide their own trash receptacles. All self-generated trash and receptacles must be removed from premises upon the completion of filming.
  9. Post-filming walk thru with Film representative and Wharfinger staff is required.
  10. Only one production company at a time will be permitted at Southwest Marine.
  11. Any modifications to Port property must be approved by Port of L.A. Engineering Division and/or Environmental Management Division. Additional lead time will be needed for approvals.
  12. Production companies must abide by the Environmental Requirements for Filming as stipulated by the Port’s Environmental Management Division.
  1. No digging, trenching, potholing, or installation of any subgrade features (including posts, fence poles, stakes, etc.) is permitted.
  2. Hazardous substances found at the Site include, but are not limited to, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), antimony, arsenic, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, zinc, and other metals. Total petroleum hydrocarbons have also been found at the Site. Information regarding known site soil and groundwater contamination is available at: report.asp?global id=60000999

    The Permittee shall be responsible for notifying site workers and visitors of potential hazards and ensuring that all appropriate measures are taken to protect workers and site visitors from these hazards.
  3. Lead-containing paint, asbestos-containing materials, and mercury-and/or PCB-containing electrical equipment is either known to be or suspected to be present at the Site. The Permittee shall not disturb any building materials or equipment and shall be responsible for notifying site workers and visitors of these potential hazards and ensuring that all appropriate measures are taken to protect workers and site visitors from these hazards.
  4. Site storm drains shall be protected from run-off or flowing water -all Site drains discharge directly into the ocean!
  5. There are groundwater monitoring wells located throughout the property. These monitoring wells shall not be disturbed, opened, or modified. The Permittee shall not place or store hazardous materials (including, but not limited to, petroleum fuels, solvents, cleaners, acids, bases, or explosive compounds) within 10 feet of any monitoring well.
  6. During the second week of both February and August, ENID’s consultant will be on-site to complete groundwater monitoring and sampling. This sampling event will take approximately 2 days and thus the actual days of the sampling can be adjusted to fit the Permittee’s schedule.
  7. During the last day of each month (or preceding work day), EMD’s consultant will be on site to conduct a security inspection to ensure that site signage is in place and that gates are closed and locked. This inspection requires approximately 60 minutes.
  8. Per regulatory requirements, all site gates must be secured and locked to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing the site and all signs hung on site fencing (including proposition 65 warning signs) must not be moved or disturbed.