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Visit the American Film Institute!On October 1, approximately 30 students from the American Film Institute attended an educational briefing at FilmL.A.  With a goal of helping to prepare them to be better filmmakers, the first-year students were given a tour of our office and an overview of local filming guidelines and processes.
Participants went over the step-by-step process to obtain a film permit and received guidance on conducting neighborhood outreach, including distributing community surveys and Notices of Filming.  Both are common practices when filming takes place on-location within a jurisdiction served by FilmL.A.
Perhaps the greatest benefit for all was the valuable “face-time” it afforded students and our staff members.  Attendees were able to get to know the FilmL.A. coordinators they will work with, both on their upcoming student projects and when they are professional filmmakers.
Some students even completed their film permit applications for their semester film projects during their visit.
AFI program director Betsy Pollock was grateful for the advice and guidance given her students to help them perfect their craft. 
“It would be impossible for the American Film Institute to continue the training of filmmakers without such support and assistance,” Betsy said.
FilmL.A. is working to arrange similar presentations with other leading film schools in the region.

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