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Television shows like Dexter, CSI Miami and Nip/Tuck all have two things in common: they were fictionally set in Miami, but filmed in Los Angeles and Orange County. This year, Fox’s new show Rosewood joins this list. Rosewood is a police procedural drama that focuses on Dr. Johnny Rosewood, the owner of one of the top independent crime labs in the country.

Rosewood is a recipient of the California Film & Television Tax Credit. As a result of Rosewood shooting in Southern California, the state will benefit economically from an estimated $40 million in direct production spending by the series during its first season. This spending supports over 400 full time cast and crew jobs, in addition to over 2,700 positions for background players.

Having Rosewood in California because of the new state’s new film incentive is a nice turn of events. Under the older old California film tax credit program, one of the projects the state lost was USA’s television series Graceland, a crime drama about law enforcement agents living in a Southern California beach house. Because the old California film incentive only had a third of the annual funding that the new program has, Graceland was forced to move to Miami, where it spent more than $65 million over its three-season run.

To shoot Southern California for Miami, Rosewood (predictably) tends to shoot at locations near the ocean, where the waters of the Pacific substitute for the Atlantic. Regardless of where they choose to shoot, we are grateful for the jobs they are creating and we wish Fox and the show’s creators a long and successful series run.

Rosewood airs Saturdays at 9/8c on FOX, check your local listings and visit their official website.

Photo credit: Justin Stephens/FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co.

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