City of Glendale Encouraging Filmmakers to Apply for Permits Early in July

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Production Alert FilmLA

The City of Glendale has asked FilmLA’s assistance in communicating new July permit application deadlines to the film industry.

Filmmakers seeking to film in the City of Glendale from July 7 through July 31 are encouraged to submit film permit applications to the City for review ASAP.  For specifics, filmmakers should either email or call (818) 548-4844, and select option 8.

Due to a decline in City resources, it may otherwise be difficult to have projects approved during this time. Productions able to be flexible with filming dates are encouraged to postpone filming requests until after August 1.

As a reminder, in the City of Glendale, a film permit is required for all filming on public or private property. Individuals must apply for a filming permit with the Glendale Film and Special Events Office. To speak with a City representative about your project, please email or call (818) 548-4844, and select option 8.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

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