Emerging Leaders: FilmL.A.’s Krishna Asani

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Krishna Asani, FilmL.A.’s newly appointed Director of Field Services, has been with FilmL.A. since 2007 and since that time has worked to take the company’s growing field operation to a new level.

Krishna moved to Los Angeles from seaside San Diego in 1993 with the dream of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Nurturing acting ambitions through a series of odd jobs, Krishna’s persistence paid off as she began booking commercials and television projects.  Krishna was also fortunate enough to land some print modeling work, but she ultimately transitioned to a position behind the camera as a production manager. It was through this work that she was introduced to and came to be employed by FilmL.A. as a Field Service Representative.

As a Field Service Representative, Krishna worked out in the community distributing Notices of Filming to inform residents and business owners of upcoming production. Her attention to detail and organizational skills helped her obtain a promotion to Notifications Office Assistant, then Notifications Coordinator, and then Field Services Manager.

Currently, Krishna oversees the Field Services Department which provides community stakeholders and production companies with personal, ground level-support. In her current capacity, Krishna oversees FilmL.A.’s notification and monitoring staff.  In her tenure at FilmL.A., she has implemented several initiatives to increase department efficiency.

“Every day at FilmL.A. is thrilling for me,” Krishna confesses. “I find being part of the creative process and being of service brings unique and diverse groups of people together, which is an enriching experience.  From office collaboration to community facilitation to set management, it takes a concert of artists with varying titles to produce still photo, television and movie magic.  To be involved in the many stages has been a rare opportunity, and extremely rewarding.”

Krishna is an avid runner and hiker who loves to travel and is fluent in Russian. Krishna lives in Hollywood with her cuddly rescue dog, Mishka.

2 Comments on “Emerging Leaders: FilmL.A.’s Krishna Asani”

  1. i thought I would never learn a second language until I worked with an old man from Russia that no one could get along with but myself. The deal we worked was I teach him to speak English and he would teach me Russian.
    Love to se you doing so well in life. You are a very beautiful young lady. I will pray for you to do well and have the best fortune in your future and much love.
    Dos vi donia

  2. HI Krishna, congratulations! Glad I met you recently on 6th St San Pedro.

    Linda Alexander, Film Liaison
    San Pedro Chamber of Commerce

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