Film Industry Contributes to Annual Arts District “Winterfest”

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The Arts District Winterfest is the film industry’s annual gift to the Arts District.  It is a free event paid for by contributions from film, television and commercial productions shot on-location in the Arts District community as well as by a generous grant from Warner Bros.  Winterfest is sponsored by Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space, the Arts District’s 501(c)3 arts non-profit ( and the Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association (, as well as the Arts District’s community betterment association.  It is a celebration of all the arts that make the Arts District what it is:  a truly significant component in the Los Angeles cultural scene and an intriguing place to live and visit in downtown LA.

The event runs from January 5 – 8, 2012 and includes art installations, live music, play and poetry readings and more.

A flyer with additional details can be found here.

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