FilmL.A. Brings “Local Elects” to Sample Special Effects

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  Pyrotechnics operators destroy a bus for a scene in a popular primetime television drama.Do you confuse “Squib” with a seafood dish?  Do you think a “Flame Bar” is Hollywood’s hottest club?  Do you think “Primacord” is the latest eco-vehicle?  If so, FilmL.A. is here to help.  The terms above relate to special effects commonly used in film and television production on-location in our region. 
With the goal of educating our government clients and community constituents about the nature and impacts of special effects, FilmL.A. will be hosting an “FX” demonstration in December that we’ll film and make available for viewing on our website.
Effects demonstrated will range from fireballs and mortars to zirc hits, gunfire loads and smoke effects.  All activities will be supervised by Tassilo Baur, a special effects professional and founding member of the Alliance of Special Effects & Pyrotechnic Operators Inc. (ASEPO).
“I love the chance to conduct demonstrations of some of the effects used in film and television production, because observers tend to have preconceived notions,” said Tassilo.  “On screen, explosions are chaotic, unexpected and loud.  In reality, they’re always meticulously planned and, depending on materials used, sometimes silent,” he added.

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