FilmL.A. Upgrades Service to Student Filmmakers

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In an effort to better support the filmmakers of the future, FilmL.A. recently unveiled two improvements to its permit process for student filming.

The first adjustment involved the creation of a web-based Student Permit Process Guide, a seven-step walkthrough of the film permit process.  Students can now access answers to their most frequently-asked questions about the permit process, and do so at any hour of the day (or night).

In addition, FilmL.A. has introduced a time-saving appointment system to reduce in-office wait times and paperwork hassles.

Susan Angrisano, FilmL.A.’s Vice President of Permit Administration, observed, “Coaching students through the permit process is a priority for us.  We want to bring students in, answer all their questions and get them back to campus in time for their next class.”

Applying for a student film permit begins with scheduling an in-person consultation at FilmL.A.’s downtown office.  Appointments must be scheduled four working days prior to the first date of filming and will last up to one half-hour.

In order to ensure the appointment can begin and end on time, students should make sure to follow the recommendations in the new Student Permit Process Guide and bring with them all completed paperwork and documentation.

Unprepared applicants will be asked to reschedule their appointments and return with corrected documents.

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