FilmLA and LAUSD Introduce Streamlined License Application

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FilmLA has been working with LAUSD to streamline and clarify the application for filming and production-related parking at district-operated schools and facilities.

A newly updated application package combines the LAUSD License Application with the Synopsis & Activity Checklist, which is intended to make the process easier to understand for applicants.

With the new application package, formatting has also been reorganized, several questions removed and requirements made more transparent. The revised forms will also be incorporated into a web format, as the application process for filming in public schools is integrated into MyFilmLA (see FilmLA Innovation page for updates) during the coming months.

Although new forms are available for use now, FilmLA will continue to accept applications using the prior LAUSD License Application through the end of next week (7/16). This is intended to assist customers who already have paperwork started and applications in progress. After this time, both FilmLA and LAUSD will only accept the new version of the application.