FilmLA Notices of Filming: Still Blue, But More Green

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If you live or work in Greater Los Angeles and have ever welcomed a film production to your neighborhood, you’re probably familiar with the blue Notices of Filming distributed by FilmLA.

Six days a week, FilmLA’s Field Services team works diligently to hand deliver these notices to local homes and businesses.  Each includes important details about upcoming filming activity.  The cost of this service is covered by production companies seeking permits to film.    

In November, FilmLA introduced the most significant change to its filming notices in fifteen years.  FilmLA’s new forms are smaller, thicker, and feature optional elastic bands, preserving visibility while making them easier to secure on door jambs, fences, and more, without tape.  

Better still, shrinking the notices allowed FilmLA to reduce paper consumption for this program by 50 percent.  Since FilmLA prints, cuts and distributes millions of Notices of Filming each year, the paper savings from this change is significant. 

In addition, shrinking the size and environmental footprint led FilmLA to streamline the information provided on each form.  Lengthy scene descriptions were cut, to better spotlight parking limitations, production hours, special effects use, and other potential items of community concern.

Also enhanced is the contact information FilmLA provides, including names, cell phone numbers, and email addresses, should community members have questions about what’s coming.

FilmLA’s Director of Field Services, Krishna Asani, observed of the change, “Changing our Notices marks a Field Services milestone, as it involved technical changes to our editing system as well as our printing and cutting machines. In updating the forms, we based our decisions on feedback solicited and collected over the past decade, and experimented with multiple iterations of the notice to meet our sustainability, visibility and practicality goals.  I’m proud to say we’ve achieved our objectives and look forward to continued innovation.” 

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