Filmmakers Heading Back to School

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Summer is here, and the students are at home, but it’s back to school again for many local filmmakers.

Thanks in part to the marketing efforts of FilmL.A., and also thanks to a recently family-centric TV programming mix, filmmaker interest in area school properties is strong. FilmL.A. currently serves five area school districts, providing each with full-service film license coordination, payment processing and location marketing services. Renewed filmmaker interest in the schools couldn’t have come at a more advantageous time; many districts face staffing and program cuts as funding from state and local governments comes up short.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve fielded inquiries from several news outlets about FilmL.A.’s school property licensing program and our role in bringing much-needed film revenue to area schools. Patricia Edgar, manager of our schools team, used the interviews to explain why filming is a win-win for schools, their students and the community.

“Hosting filming is a great opportunity for districts to earn new revenue while strengthening local employment and informing students about career opportunities in the industry,” Edgar said. “Filming is always welcome in the schools, provided it doesn’t detract from the schools’ educational purpose and mission.”

Over the years, revenues earned from hosting filming and film parking have helped administrators improve school infrastructure and enrich students’ academic lives. FilmL.A. collected and paid out just under $2 million in total filming revenues to its school clients this past fiscal year. The funds have been used for everything from athletic facility upgrades and playground equipment installation to funding for after-school programs.

“We encourage anyone with an interest in these programs to contact us,” Edgar continued. “We know the business of filmmaking, we believe in supporting education, and we’re very good at bringing the two of them together.”

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