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We at FilmL.A. enjoy finding ways to remind the general public about the economic importance of the industry to the Los Angeles region. Unfortunately, many people still believe that the entertainment industry is comprised of only studio moguls and movie stars. As a result, these people fail to grasp the need to keep and attract film and television productions to Los Angeles.

The truth of it is that when production occurs locally, it supports middle-class jobs on the production, at industry vendor companies and at ancillary local businesses. Individuals who make their home or business available for on-location production benefit, too. Recently, FilmL.A. partnered with KNBC News anchor Robert Kovacik to help drive this fact home.

In the piece below, which aired on Monday, February 27th, Mr. Kovacik interviewed three families that have hosted production in their homes. They’re not moguls or movies stars, yet each plays a small role in keeping the film industry in Los Angeles. And, each family generated extra income to help them pay for medical bills, rent or off-budget indulgences.

FilmL.A. would like to thank location managers Chris Fuentes and Kim Crabb for their help in arranging the participation in the segment by two of the families, with whom they worked on Showtime’s Dexter.

Since the piece ran, both FilmL.A. and NBC have received numerous emails and from individuals asking how they can get their home on screen. The first place we suggest folks look is a publication from the California Film Commission, Your Property in a Starring Role. This helpful guide covers all of the basics for leasing out your property for filming, and deals with such important topics as fees, contracts, and promotion. This free guide is a valuable starting point for anyone who is looking to get involved with filming for the first time.

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