LAPD Film Unit Undergoes Changes

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Just over a year ago, the Los Angeles Police Department launched its Contract Services Section (CSS), which contains a film unit responsible for the review and approval of filming permits on behalf of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Since its creation, CSS personnel have been a visible presence at film sets, where they have conducted random spot checks to ensure permit conditions are observed. They have also shut down film productions that could not produce valid permits for filming and have even stepped in to mediate situations involving community members’ demands for payments from producers, sometimes for the use of City property.

Unfortunately, CSS is undergoing changes spurred by the City of Los Angeles’ $212 million budget shortfall.  In order to reduce the amount of overtime worked by officers, the LAPD has transferred hundreds of employees from units such as CSS back to patrol duty.

Among those transferred to other duties are Sergeant Bob Schlesinger, Sergeant Chuck Slater and Officer Mark Preciado.  We thank them for their excellent service to the community and wish them well.

CSS will continue to oversee on-location film production, reviewing permits and ensuring permit compliance as the City’s film permit authority.

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