Main Forward Construction to Close Streets in DTLA

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FilmLA has received notice that construction associated with the Main Forward Project, an extension of the Main and Spring Forward Project, is scheduled to begin in the Downtown Los Angeles area in late October 2019.  Main Forward construction will take place on weekends and is expected to complete in early November. During construction, filming and related activities will be prohibited in the affected areas.

Construction activity will consist of removal of existing striping, marking and installing new striping, concrete spot repair, asphalt resurfacing, K-72 delineators, etc.  LADOT may conduct other upgrades as needed.

Below, you will find a list of affected streets along with the dates that construction will occur:

October 26-27 and November 2-3, 2019 (Main St.’s east/west streets)

  • 11th, Hill – Santee
  • Olympic, Hill – Santee
  • 9th, Hill – Santee
  • 8th, Hill – Los Angeles
  • 7th, Hill – Maple
  • 6th, Hill – Maple
  • 5th, Hill – Los Angeles
  • 4th, Hill – Los Angeles
  • 3rd, Hill – Los Angeles; also the 3rd St. tunnel
  • 2nd, Hill – San Pedro; also the 2rd St. tunnel
  • 1st, Hill – Judge John Aiso
  • Temple, Hill – Alameda
  • Aliso, Broadway- Alameda
  • Arcadia, Broadway- Alameda
  • Cesar Chavez, Hill – Alameda

  November 9, 2019 (Main, Chavez – Aliso)

  • Arcadia, Broadway- Alameda  
  • Cesar Chavez, Hill – Alameda  
  • Main, Temple-2nd
  • 2nd, Hill – San Pedro; also the 2nd St. tunnel
  • 1st, Hill – Judge John Aiso
  • Temple, Hill – Alameda

For questions about the Main Forward project period or for answers to general production related questions, please contact FilmLA’s Solution Service team at 213-977-8600 or via email at

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2 Comments on “Main Forward Construction to Close Streets in DTLA”

  1. Good Afternoon,
    I work for Alcoa Traffic Control and was wondering if you needed any traffic control companies for any street closures, planning, and design and permitting.
    Thank you very much for your time and consideration,
    Madison Hale

    1. Hi Madison, Please contact our Solution Services team at or by calling 213-977-8600. They can add your company to our list of service providers. While FilmLA does not film, your information will be helpful for the production companies that come to us for their film permits. Thanks so much for reaching out.

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