In Memory of Jim McCabe and Brad Bemis, Location Professionals and Friends of FilmL.A.

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At the top of the year, we were saddened to learn that two long-time friends of FilmL.A. had passed away.  FilmL.A. joins many others in honoring the memories of two wonderful location professionals, James (Jim) McCabe and Bradley (Brad) Scott Bemis.


James (Jim) McCabe

James (Jim) McCabe began his career in 1977 as Location Manager for the made-for-television movie Mad Bull.  In the 1980’s, Jim perfected his craft on television series like Cagney & Lacey, The Greatest American Hero and The A Team. On the film side, Jim worked on notable projects like Mobsters, Kiss the Girls, Escape from L.A. and Spider-Man.

Jim was awarded with the Location Manager of the Year for Features at the 1996 California On-Location Awards (COLA).  Jim also received COLA’s highest honor in 2009, when the Film Liaisons in California Statewide presented him with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

FilmL.A.’s Vice President of Operations, Donna Washington shared a tribute of memories about Jim:

Jim McCabe was one of the very first location managers to welcome me to the City Film and Video Permit Office over 20 years ago (before FilmL.A. even existed).  Jim was generous with his knowledge, time, and humor, and always kind and supportive. One of my most memorable experiences was stepping in to help Jim with a permit for “Speed.”  

 Over the years Jim has come in to visit us and invite staff out to set. Even after his retirement, he still made time to come by and say hello. It breaks my heart to know that we won’t being seeing him anymore.

Jim devoted considerable effort to raise awareness of the contribution of Location Professionals to the filmmaking craft.  Enjoy this video of Jim McCabe in action, courtesy of Paul Raimondi/CreditRoles:


Bradley Scott Bemis

Bradley (Brad) Bemis began work a Location Manager in 1996, having worked on projects like Mission Impossible II, Lords of Dogtown, Vanilla Sky and Rat Race on the feature side.  In television, Brad worked as a Location Manager on Battle Creek, Day Break, Legends, Torchwood, and The Mentalist.   Brad also produced and directed a documentary about the City of Venice, California titled and Venice: Lost Found in 2002.

Brad BemisJodi Strong, FilmL.A.’s Director of Production Planning, shared this reflection about Brad:

I knew Brad for almost 20 years. He was charming and funny, so talented and creative.  He traveled the world looking for adventure and good surfing waves but always checked in with us when he was home and working on a new project.  I will miss Brad as a colleague and as a friend.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the McCabe and Bemis families.  If you would like to share your memories of Jim and Brad, please post them in the comments section below.

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  1. hi,
    Jim was a friend of many years. I would like to read his obituary too. He was a wonderful person and I miss him terribly.

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