Metro Regional Connector Project: What Downtown-Area Filmmakers Need to Know

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The Metro Regional Connector Project is a 1.9 mile light rail subway tunnel under construction in Downtown Los Angeles. It is designed to connect the existing Metro Rail A (Blue) and E (Expo) Lines at 7th Street/Metro Center Station to the existing L (Gold) Line and Union Station. Construction on the project started in 2014 and is now expected to wrap in mid-to-late 2022. Street-level construction projects include (but are not limited to) deck removal, tree replacement, installation of new lighting, sidewalk paving and street striping.

To complete these projects, until further notice Metro has been granted the following full street closures every weekend, starting at 7:00 pm on Friday and ending at 6:00 am the following Monday:

  • Little Tokyo/Arts District : Temple St. east of Alameda / full closure of Alameda Ave. and 1st St.
  • Historic Broadway : 2nd St., Broadway to Spring St.
  • Grand Av Arts/Bunker Hill : Hope St., 2nd St. to 3rd St.
  • Flower St/Financial District: Flower St., 4th St. to 6th St.

In addition, other area streets are tied to the rerouting of traffic for the above areas. These include:

  • 1st St., Hope St. to Grand Ave.
  • 3rd St., Beaudry Ave. to Flower St.
  • 4th St., Figueroa St. to Grand Ave.
  • 5th St., Figueroa St. to Grand Ave.
  • 6th St., Beaudry Ave. to Grand Av.
  • 7th St., Figueroa St. to Flower St.
  • Beaudry Ave., 3rd St. to 6th St.
  • Flower St., 4th St. to 7th St.
  • Hope St., Temple St. to 4th St.
  • Grand Ave., 1st St. to Wilshire Blvd.
  • Wilshire Blvd., Figueroa St. to Grand Ave.
  • GTK Way, Hope St. to Flower St.   
  • Broadway., 1st St. to 2nd St
  • Hill St., 2nd St. to 3rd St.
  • 4th St., Hill St. to Broadway
  • Vignes St., 1st St. to Temple St.
  • Temple St.,  Vignes St. to Garey St.
  • Garey St., Temple St. to Commercial St.
  • Commercial St., Garey St. to Alameda St.

In consultation with City officials and Metro representatives, and effective immediately, permit requests involving any of the above streets require the following:

  • Any permit request involving posting and/or lane closures must be submitted to FilmLA no fewer than 5 business days prior to first date of posting and/or lane closure. This is to ensure proper time to coordinate requests through appropriate City departments and our Metro contact.
  • Full directional closures and full closures of the above areas will not be allowed during this time. Solution Services can connect you with FilmLA Operations Leadership if you have questions.
  • Additional outreach and notification to area stakeholders should begin immediately to avoid conflicts with proposed filming. Contact Solution Services for more information, including contact information for downtown area stakeholders.

Thank you for your attention to this important announcement. If you have questions about the Regional Connector Project or filming in Downtown Los Angeles, we welcome your call at 213.977.8600 and email at