North Hollywood Coalition Benefits from Hosting Film & Television Production

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The North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry is a coalition of over 10 churches and temples who come together to feed the less fortunate. In operation for 25 years, the 501 (c)3 has over 200 volunteers working year round to feed between 4000 and 5000 people a month. The largest contributor to the pantry is First Christian Church which donates almost $20,000 a year to the pantry.  The church earns money through its nursery school tuition and production activity in the Colfax Meadows neighborhood.  With congregational down due to the economy most of the revenue generated to keep the pantry in business comes from the film & television industry.

Located at the First Christian Church of North Hollywood, The Food Pantry runs on the efforts of its volunteers. It builds a community among those in need cultivating a culture of helpers from those who have been and may still be in need of its services. Volunteers participate on Mondays and Fridays from between 6am to 1pm processing intake sheets and bagging non-perishable food items for food pantry patrons. Food is collected by congregations, individuals, schools and community organizations and is also made available by the LA Regional Food Bank in conjunction with Valley Interfaith Council.

Last year the pantry distributed 200,000 pounds of food to those in need. The coalition on average spends $55,000 on non-perishable emergency food annually.  More help comes from community food drives, the LA Regional Food Bank, Food Forward and local gardens.

Luis Oliart, a Colfax Meadows resident of ten years, is First Christina Church’s primary film representative.  Luis helped to draft the Church’s production contracts using his experience with production as a resident.  “I have a hands-on relationship with most production representatives and I make sure productions are in compliance with permits issued by FilmL.A.,” says Oliart.  Knowing that the revenue generated from film production goes to the food pantry and toward helping the less fortunate in Council District 2 aids in the support Luis and the pantry receive from area residents.

“We are grateful for film and television production in Colfax Meadows.  With the recent economic downturn, the beloved pantry would cease to exist.” Luis says.

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