Pace of Production Still Slow for Scripted Television

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A month after the end of the 100-day strike by Hollywood writers, the television production industry continues to struggle to bring crews back to work.

FilmL.A. has compiled data showing post-strike permitted production tracking well below 2007 levels for the same period. In the last month, sitcom producers filmed 97 percent fewer days on-location than they did the previous year, a loss of 31 days of production. Drama production trailed by 9 percent with a 12-day loss, while television pilots filmed 56 fewer days for an 86 percent loss.

“Even though the strike ended in February, we’re still feeling its impact well into pilot season,” noted FilmL.A. President Steve MacDonald. “Finalizing scripts, pulling permits, and getting crews back to work on-location just takes time.”

With most shows hoping to salvage four to eight of their approximately one dozen originally-scheduled episodes this spring, strike-related production spending losses continue to accrue.

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