Preventing Problems Through Production Planning

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If you’re working on a feature film, television show or commercial, how do you measure on-the-job frustration?

Do you measure it in hours wasted scouting locations that can’t be filmed, either because of conflicts with other productions or area filming restrictions?

Or, do you measure it in earfuls of grief from community members or your producer, because the activities you meticulously planned met with unexpected — but avoidable — opposition?

Whatever your frustrations, there’s a good chance FilmL.A. can help — if you take time early in your planning to give us a call.

Since 2005, we’ve offered local filmmakers our free production planning service and with it, direct access to everything we know about what it takes to film in local neighborhoods.

Count on the advice of our knowledgeable production planning team to inform your location selection decisions, or ask us for assistance with any of the following pre-permit considerations:

  • Counseling on past productions’ experience in a given area
  • Working in areas covered by Special Filming Conditions
  • Managing logistical challenges such as parking, lane/street closures, base camps, etc.
  • Reserving beaches and various other public properties for filming
  • Obtaining access to gated public alleys for location scouting

Reaching the production planning team is as easy as calling us at 213.977.8600 and asking for the department by name.

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