PRODUCTION ALERT: Permit Application Deadline Change 

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With the support of permit approvers in the City and County of Los Angeles, FilmLA is modifying permit application timeframes to reliably meet the contractual three business day minimum for application review and processing. 

Beginning on March 7, 2022, FilmLA will require that all permit applications requiring immediate processing be submitted in MyFilmLA  not later than 10 a.m., three business days prior to the first date of intended production activity, including major location prep. Complex applications, also due by 10 a.m., require a minimum of five business days. Late applications will be rejected.  Please note: other cities that we serve may require more than three business days.

Each film project being unique, it is always helpful for filmmakers and their representatives to submit requests earlier to allow additional lead time for processing. Please utilize the free aid of our Solution Services department to pre-plan your production and application schedule.  You can reach this team by calling 213.977.8600 or emailing

By requiring permit applications to be submitted at least four hours earlier than the previous 2 p.m. deadline, FilmLA aims to more efficiently uphold its contractual obligation to process permit applications within a minimum of three business days.  Please note that even after this deadline change, FilmLA’s permit turnaround time will remain among the fastest in the Greater Los Angeles Region.   

Under the current 2 p.m. deadline, an influx of afternoon requests significantly reduces our processing efficiency. Research shows that approximately 26 percent of all incoming applications show up between noon and 2 p.m., with many requiring immediate action for timely processing. By 2 p.m., some of the government approvers we work with are already unavailable to us. Asking for applications just a bit earlier will enable us to better streamline resources during regular business hours. 

With neighborhood needs in mind, this change should also allow critical community relations work — such as Community Filming Surveys, Community Notification, and posting of “No Parking” signs as needed — to get under way with less chance of delay. 

“The hours after submitting an application can be a stressful time for our customers, for FilmLA staff, and government approvers, because last-minute applications leave limited time to review and respond. By late afternoon, any missing information or workflow interruption invites a crisis. Asking for applications just a bit earlier enables us to better streamline resources throughout the coordination process,” said FilmLA Vice President of Permit Operations Donna Washington. 

Continuing, Washington added, “Allowing more time for the assignment desk, insurance specialists and production coordinators to review incoming applications means work dependent on these processes can get started on day one. Personnel resources being thin across the ecosystem – not only during COVID-19 but likely into the future with LA’s high level of production – this is a small change we need to make now to continue to deliver a high level of service to all.” 

For more information regarding film permit requirements, visit:  For Filmmakers

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    1. Please call our Solution Services team at 213.977.8600 during business hours and we will be happy to assist you. The answer depends on where you will be filming and the activities you need on your permit.

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