FilmLA Releases New 2021-2022 Scripted Content Study

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FILMLA RESEARCH IS PLEASED TO PRESENT a new, first of its kind report analyzing U.S.-produced, first-run, English-language scripted projects distributed in years 2021 and 2022. The purpose of this report – representing an evolution in FilmLA’s tracking methodology - is to analyze production locations used in the creation of today’s vast universe of U.S. scripted content.
"The change our industry has undergone over the past few years is profound,” noted FilmLA President Paul Audley. “Here, in a moment where many predict a reduction in industry output, this study establishes a baseline for us to understand the challenges ahead.”

In previous years, FilmLA issued separate reports on the film and television sectors. This new Scripted Content Study combines an analysis of: (1) television series (streaming, cable and broadcast); (2) original, made-for-cable movies; (3) first-run feature films in theatrical release; and (4) original feature films made for streaming services. Around 1,000 projects meeting these criteria are distributed each calendar year.

As demonstrated in the following pages, Greater Los Angeles was the number one filming location for U.S. scripted content, in terms of the sheer number of hosted productions. That said, growth in the region’s total production capture appeared flat (<1 percent) between 2021 and 2022, compared to an observed four (4) percent growth in total industry output and significant growth in competing jurisdictions.

A detailed discussion of FilmLA’s methodology, types of projects excluded, definitions and research sources is contained in the Appendix of this report. FilmLA intends to publish updates to this report on an annual basis.

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