“Sons of Anarchy” Helps Bring Order to L.A. Community

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The Filmmakers’ Code of Professional Responsibility, which FilmL.A. distributes with every film permit it coordinates, calls on production companies to remove “all catering, crafts service, construction, strike and personal trash… from the location.”

Fortunately, most film companies adhere to this requirement, leaving neighborhoods looking just as nice as they did before they arrived.  Sometimes, however, crews prove that they are willing to go the extra mile, which is just what “Sons of Anarchy” (Pacific 2.1 Entertainment, Fox Entertainment Group), recently did when they sponsored a full street cleanup on the 4000 Block of Brazil Street, just west of San Fernando Road in Los Angeles.

The idea for the clean-up originated with FilmL.A. Production Coordinator Erica Wade, who remembered that a particular location on one of her permits had a growing area trash problem.  Knowing that city street crews’ budgets are stretched thin, Wade suggested that “Sons of Anarchy” use its strike cleanup crew to dispose of discarded furniture and litter choking the streets and sidewalks.

“Sons of Anarchy” Location Manager Donovan Terranova welcomed the idea and contracted with Eduardo Vellanoweth, Jr. of Mister Tents and Services, Inc. to provide additional location cleanup services.  The results of their effort can be seen below and in this downloadable .PDF.

The editors of FilmL.A. eNEWS applaud all of the parties to this act of service.  Thanks for going above and beyond to show one of L.A.’s remote corners a little bit of unexpected love.

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