FilmL.A. Notifications Department Canvasses L.A. Region

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Films, television shows, and commercials are created on streets where others live and work.  As such, balancing the needs of filmmakers, residents and businesses is key to FilmL.A.’s mission.  FilmL.A.’s Field Services Representatives (FSRs) provide community stakeholders and production companies with personal, ground level-support before production starts. In 1996, FilmL.A. introduced its Notification service to the public. The purpose of … Read More

FilmL.A. Takes Steps to Stop eNotification Abuse

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Earlier this May, FilmL.A. revised the Terms of Service for its popular eNotification service.  By adding new eligibility requirements for program participants and limiting to three the total number of program areas available to any user, FilmL.A. seeks to limit exploitation of its service for unauthorized personal and commercial purposes. Until recently, FilmL.A. did not regularly monitor its subscribers’ declared … Read More

FilmL.A. Helps L.A. “Get Noticed”

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Some days, it seems like everyone in L.A. is hoping to get noticed by someone in the film industry.  At FilmL.A., we’re not in the business of helping you to sell a screenplay, find an agent or land an audition, but every day, we still help thousands of locals “get noticed” by film professionals. One of the many services FilmL.A. … Read More