FilmL.A. Notifications Department Canvasses L.A. Region

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Films, television shows, and commercials are created on streets where others live and work.  As such, balancing the needs of filmmakers, residents and businesses is key to FilmL.A.’s mission.  FilmL.A.’s Field Services Representatives (FSRs) provide community stakeholders and production companies with personal, ground level-support before production starts.

In 1996, FilmL.A. introduced its Notification service to the public. The purpose of the Notification service is to provide advance Notices of Filming and eNotices to communities where production happens.  Since then, the Field Services Department has worked diligently to improve its level of service delivery, from adopting split-shift and weekend distribution schedules, to adopting live dispatch and GPS tracking technology to reduce vehicle miles driven.

FilmL.A.’s FSRs strive to hand-deliver Notices of Filming to all residential buildings and businesses within a minimum 500 foot radius of each film location, or within a 200 foot radius of still photography shoots and productions involving fewer than 15 people.

Each day, our FSRs notify about 60 locations, delivering an average of 150 Notices of Filming per location, while walking an average of 96 combined miles per day. That’s the equivalent of walking four marathons every three and a half days. That also breaks down to about 9,000 Notices distributed to area residents and businesses daily. With two million Notices of Filming hand delivered annually, it’s not hard to see the department’s culture of commitment!

Recently, the Field Services department experienced a milestone when they delivered more than 180 locations in two days!

“FilmL.A.’s FSRs walk up to eight miles a day in all conditions, to keep community members informed of planned production activity in their areas,” relates Director of Field Services Krishna Asani.  “It’s vital outreach.  FilmL.A. doesn’t distribute Neighborhood Filming Surveys — production companies and their representatives do that — so our work offers FilmL.A. its earliest opportunity to connect with neighbors and business owners, as well as answer questions about filming and provide points of contact when there are concerns.

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    I am interested in any volunteering positions that FilmLA May have available.

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