Team FilmL.A. – Pounds the Pavement During 2013 L.A. Marathon

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On March 17, FilmL.A. staffers arrived at Dodger Stadium ready to take part in the 27th annual ASICS Los Angeles Marathon.  Dressed in matching FilmL.A. tech-shirts, the group was race ready.

Team FilmL.A. joined 24,000 excited participants in the mass trek from downtown to Santa Monica.  Adding to the excitement of the day were 35 bands, five entertainment centers and more than 500 cheerleaders who lined the course from the stadium to the sea.

FilmL.A.’s Production Planning Manager, Amy Soule, completed the race in 4:44:39, beating her teammates. “I had such a great time!” Soule said of the experience.  “Running a marathon is by far the most physically and emotionally challenging thing I have ever done.  You will definitely see me here again next year!”

FilmL.A. Monitor Adam Meyer came in second at 5:21:42. “I didn’t train as well for this one,” Meyer confessed.  “Here’s a tip: don’t help a friend move the day before a race!”

Accounting Assistant, Bryan Gonzalez was the youngest member of the team.  Gonzalez finished his second L.A. Marathon in 6:11:07.  When asked if he would run again, Bryan chimed, “Definitely.  I set a goal that I plan to break in 2014.”

“The L.A. Marathon certainly took its toll,” added James ‘Buck’ Zachary, FilmL.A. Monitor, who finished in 6:24:38.  “It was an exciting and unique way to see the city and so many of its people.  I had a great time!”

Production Coordinator Tim Overbeck accomplished a 6:20:29 time.  “It was quite an amazing experience,” Overbeck said.  “I wouldn’t have made it without support from my friends who cheered and ran with me a little.  Everyone has asked if I will do another one.  I need a few days to recover before I can make a decision on that!”

With a finishing time of 8:03:33, Human Resources Director, Carmen McRae, shared her experience.  “I had a blast for 19 miles but the last 7 were mind over pain.  I’m glad I did it.”

Congratulations, team!

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