Traditional TV Hiatus on Hiatus

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Although you might have seen or heard occasional news to the contrary, on-location television production in Los Angeles has risen dramatically in the past five weeks compared to last year.

Within this period, FilmL.A. has coordinated and released 222 percent more permits for television dramas than we did during the same period in ’07. Meanwhile, permits for TV pilots are up 150 percent for the same period and reality TV permits are up 59 percent.

What’s behind the apparent surge in production?

The traditional TV hiatus is on hiatus.

In years past, on-location TV production in Los Angeles could be expected to “take ten” — ten or more weeks off, that is — just after the end of pilot season. This year, in reaction to past and possible labor actions, crews have skipped, shortened or shifted their vacations to get as many episodes “in the can” as possible.

For information about feature films, commercials, and other kinds of production, stay tuned — we’ll be releasing our second-quarter statistics in just a few short weeks.

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