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The recent addition of a high volume of LA City Parks to our online reservation system created some performance issues which FilmLA has been working hard to address. We appreciate all who shared their experiences with us, and especially appreciate your patience as we work towards improving our processes and systems to better serve the film, television and commercial production industry.  

Today, we are sharing with you an updated site which can be found at res.filmla.com. Here you will be able to easily search for the property you are looking for, select it and quickly be taken to the booking site. We have populated the site with the most popular parks and will be working to ensure that all LA City parks as well as LA County Beaches, and select LA City GSD and LA City HCID properties are added.

In the meantime, if there is a park you need to book and you cannot find it, please email reservations@filmla.com or contact a Solution Services Representative at (213) 977-8600 and we will prioritize adding it to the site to allow for timely reservations. 

Please note that this new site (res.filmla.com) replaces the previous booking site (reservations.filmla.com) which will no longer be active. If you have bookmarked the previous site, please be sure to update your bookmark. Your login information will remain the same, and there is no need to re-register for a new account. Any existing reservations will not be affected by this change.

Again, we appreciate your feedback and patience as we work to replace legacy procedures and systems with more efficient and streamlined ones.

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