Avoiding Insurance Related Permit Delays

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FilmL.A. has been known to turn around film permit applications in as few as two business days.  Three days is fairly standard, and many factors could add additional time, but did you know the number one reason for delays in permit processing is lack of required liability insurance?

Obtaining liability insurance sufficient to meet local requirements is an integral part of the permitting process.  Filmmakers wishing to film on-location must furnish proof of insurance meeting both FilmL.A.’s requirements and the requirements set forth by each jurisdiction reflected on the permit.  Having the proper insurance coverage helps protect film crew personnel, production companies and location owners in the unlikely event of an on-set accident.  Also, because film permits cannot be released without proper insurance on file, timely insurance review is necessary to prevent permit coordination delays.

FilmL.A.’s Insurance Specialist is available Monday through Friday during business hours to walk you through the insurance requirements for each jurisdiction we serve.  FilmL.A. also keeps an updated list of insurance companies and brokers who are familiar with filming liability policies and the coverage required by FilmL.A. and our government clients.

Here are a few tips to help make the process of obtaining the proper insurance seamless:

  • Hire a Knowledgeable Broker.  Not all insurance companies offer policies to cover on-location filming.  Hiring a broker with industry experience will minimize frustration and delay.
  • Location Selection Comes First.  Finalizing your choice of locations is crucial early on, since mandatory insurance requirements vary by government jurisdiction.
  • Film Activities Matter.  Additional insurance coverage may be necessary when using aircraft and in other circumstances.

If you have any questions about insurance requirements for filming in Greater Los Angeles, we welcome your calls at 213.977.8600 or email us at insurance@filmla.com.


4 Comments on “Avoiding Insurance Related Permit Delays”

    1. Hello. Yes, anytime there are production vehicles listed on the permit, we will require commercial auto liability. In some jurisdictions and school districts, they will require this even if there are cast and crew vehicles on their property.

  1. Can you forward the correct address and wording required for a insurance certificate for a plane that will be used in relation to a permit

    1. Hi Josh, since this entails specific wording and requirements, we’d advise that you give us a call at (213) 977-8600 and ask to speak with our Insurance Department or Production Planning. Thanks for reaching out.

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