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To recognize staffers for providing fantastic customer service to industry customers, government clients and community stakeholders, FilmL.A. introduced its G.R.I.P. program (Giving Recognition in Print) in 2007.

Under the G.R.I.P. program, FilmL.A. supervisors and peers can commend their co-workers for acts of exemplary customer service.  Company-wide recognition and token bonuses memorialize employees’ achievements and motivate staffers to go the extra mile in service situations.

All of the service stories that come from G.R.I.P. are encouraging, as many speak volumes about the dedication of FilmL.A. employees.  Here are a few G.R.I.P. program highlights collected over the last year:

In praise of Joey Gardner, FilmL.A. Monitor, from a contact at the Los Angeles Fire Department.

It is my pleasure to take a few minutes to commend Mr. Gardner for his professionalism, his attention to detail, his concerns for the area neighbors, and his mutual concern and attention to public safety. Mr. Gardner certainly stands out as one of the very best FilmL.A. representatives I have worked with over many years.It is with much appreciation that I thank Mr. Joe Gardner, and FilmL.A., Inc.

In praise of Tim Overbeck, FilmL.A. Production Coordinator, from a contact at the Los Angeles Police Department.

A production company asked for a full closure of Fairfax Ave.  Going into it, we knew this was a NO, but after many phone calls and emails with the Council Office and a meeting with our office, we were able to proceed with the plan.

In praise of Ming Wang, FilmL.A. Field Service Representative, from a Field Services Supervisor.

Ming Wang met an angry resident who said he’d had enough of the filming on his street. The resident then began stating that FilmL.A. ruined his street.  Ming took extra time and care to explain FilmL.A.’s roles in the community and industry and during their conversation, Ming learned that the resident was in the industry. Ming successfully educated an industry member about the positive effects production can have in a community. It ended with a thank you and a hand shake.

In praise of Derek Storm, FilmL.A. Monitor, from producer Sarah McMurray.

I am a producer who worked with Derek Storm on a shoot  in San Pedro at the Warner Theatre.  I just wanted to reach out and let you know that Derek did a really wonderful job for us. 6th street in San Pedro gets a tremendous amount of filming, and Derek was able to help us get what we needed and keep the neighborhood happy.  I just wanted to share my thoughts and let you know your guys are doing a wonderful job.

In praise of Guadalupe Villanueva, Assistant Production Coordinator, from a supervisor in the Operations Department.

One day the building’s elevators were down. Lupe received a call from a customer who came in to pick up a permit but was unable to take the stairs due to a disability. Lupe immediately went down (and back up) 8 flights of stairs to meet with the customer and conduct the necessary business in the lobby of the building. The customer was very impressed with the quality of service provided by Lupe.


Are you interested in helping a FilmL.A. employee earn a G.R.I.P. award?

Positive or negative, we want to know about your service-related experiences.

The next time you have a memorable interaction with our office, please take the time to send an email to or place a phone call to a department supervisor.  Your comments could earn a staffer a G.R.I.P. nomination and help us maintain our commitment to customer service.


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