FilmL.A., Partners Launch “Film Works” Marketing Campaign

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On December 13th, 2010, FilmL.A. launched “Film Works” — a stakeholder-driven marketing campaign designed to promote filming in Los Angeles. Conceived and supported by a growing coalition of entertainment industry, community and government partners, the Film Works campaign exists to remind Angelenos of the economic and cultural benefits the L.A. region receives from local filming, while highlighting the challenges local businesses face as a result of runaway production.

“Our audience is all of Los Angeles, but our objective is really three-fold. We seek to promote filming in Los Angeles, thank area neighborhoods for hosting filming, and renew local appreciation for filming’s economic benefits,” reported FilmL.A. President Paul Audley. “We’ve received very enthusiastic responses from local elected officials, union members, representatives from the major studios and small businesses that supply the industry. We’ll be counting on their support going forward to help Film Works raise awareness.”

Film Works will employ outdoor, print and web advertising, in-theater advertising and direct outreach through the campaign’s newly-launched website ( Los Angeles commuters can already see the campaign’s recognizable black and yellow brand on area billboards, and local shoppers can spy Film Works windows signs at local businesses. Very soon, pedestrians will see the Film Works logo on street furniture such as kiosks, bus benches, shelters and street poles. Residents in communities that host filming will see Film Works signs emblazoned on the sides of film production vehicles.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said, “Film Works makes sense for Los Angeles, because in no other place on Earth is the film industry such a pillar of the local economy or bedrock of community life. Half a million people in the region depend on a thriving local film industry for their livelihoods. We can keep jobs in Los Angeles if we can find creative ways to keep filming here at home and in the state.”

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