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Integral to FilmL.A.’s work is ongoing research into the benefits that local filming brings to the Los Angeles region.  In addition to keeping track of on-location film production in Greater Los Angeles, and embarking on a new project to track local studio and soundstage-based production, FilmL.A. Research is devoted to the production, collection and dissemination of information regarding the U.S. film production economy and global production trends.

Several important studies have now been released under the FilmL.A. Research moniker.  Click on the title of any study below to download it for free from the FilmL.A. website:


  • On-Location Filming in Los Angeles: 2010-2014.  This report aggregates 5 years of film permit-derived data to present a recent overview of on-location film production in Greater Los Angeles. The report is divided into topic sections addressing the most seriously‐studied production genres in individual detail. It also includes a detailed discussion of FilmL.A.’s past and present production tracking methodologies.


  • 2014 Television Drama Study. This report examines the decline of one-hour dramatic television series production in the Los Angeles region. An analysis of the economic impact of long-running L.A. based television series is included and the impact of the California Film & Television Tax Credit in stemming loss of future projects is discussed.


  • 2013 Feature Film Production Report.  A first-of-its-kind study, this report examines more than 100 of the highest grossing films released theatrically by the major and mini-major studios in 2013.  The report tracks where each film was produced, how much they filmmakers spent in different locations and the number of jobs supported.  An in-depth discussion of all major phases of the production process and its global reach is included.  An update to this report for 2014 theatrical releases is planned for release in the second quarter of 2015.


  • 2013 Television Pilot Production Report. This report tracks television pilot production for all network, cable and digital broadcasters.  The exact shooting location of roughly 180 pilots is tracked annually and the economic impact of pilots shot in Los Angeles is discussed.  New trends in production, such as the growth of digital series and straight-to-series orders, are monitored and discussed in each new annual edition.  Similar studies are available from FilmL.A. Research covering years 2011 through 2013.


Do you have questions about FilmL.A. data or other film industry studies? Or, do you have any ideas for further investigation or research?  Direct inquiries and opportunities to Adrian McDonald, Research Analyst at 213.977.8636 or

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